Sephora Play! December Review

After ending 2016 on a whirlwind of allergic reactions and sickness my Sephora box review is finally here.  Sephora Play! is a $10 (technically $10.70 with tax)  monthly subscription beauty box. Each month has a theme and December’s was The Partygoers.

Each box comes with a fold-out describing each item, and the Play! Pass. The pass is good for one-on-one advice from a Sephora employee and 50 Beauty Insider Points with a purchase.

Sorry for the bad picture quality, I took these while I was at my parents house so I didn’t have my light box with me.


Lancome Hypnose Drama Isstant Full Body Volume Mascara: [$27.50 for full size]

I saw this in my box and instantly dismissed it as nothing special and I was SO WRONG. The brush looks gimmick-y but really works for top and bottom lashes. Because of the band you can grab the bottom lashes easily and really ‘cup’ the top lashes for a full look that get every.single. eyelash. This is the first product by Lancome I have ever tried and where have I been? This is amazing.



Blogmas Day 19: Hidden Savings for Gift Giving

I firmly believe that there are two types of people in the world: people who are done Christmas shopping and those that have not started yet. Even if you are done shopping this year, you may need to get a gift at some other point in your life, so keep reading!

There are so many small things (or big things) that you can do to keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket, while not skimping on an awesome gift.

  • Have an agreed price point ahead of time: Making sure that everyone sticks to the same price can not only save you money, buy not overspending, but also makes everyone, regardless of current financial situation, feel good about giving.


Blogmas Day 13: National Hot Chocolate Day!

Here is something fun, not just for National Hot Chocolate Day, but for the upcoming winter days, which is personalizing your hot cocoa. There are probably endless things you could do, but here are my favorites.

  1. Use milk instead of water: It doesn’t have to be regular milk either, vanilla, almond, soy and any other kind will change up the taste just a bit, but they all make it super rich tasting.
  2. Add a meltable candy: Something like chocolate chips (regular or white) can add just a bit more flavor to the drink.
  3. Change up your marshmallows: My mom loves finding all different flavored marshmallows during the holidays. Her favorite is gingerbread and adding that to the top of hot cocoa really hits the spot.
  4. Raid your spice cabinet: The classic cinnamon will always taste good, but try adding a small drop of vanilla or almond extract to your cocoa. Or maybe you like spicy foods and want to try chili powder. There are a ton of different combos to try.
  5. Add Coffee: My coworker always adds a third of a pack of hot cocoa to his coffee every morning. He loves it. That adds a ton of all new flavor combinations to try. Mix caramel coffee with vanilla cocoa or go with a less classic combination. This lets you control the amount of caffeine or sugar to perfectly balance out your drink.

    What is your favorite way to enjoy hot chocolate? Let me know!


Holiday Activities

BLogmas Day 8

With winter rearing it ugly head the time to go out and do something will soon be ending, but there are plenty of fun things to do around town before Christmas!

  • Christmas at the Zoo: Most zoos will have some sort of event usually involving lights and while this may not be free, it is really fun. If you havent been at least once I recommend it!


  • Find a musical nearby: The Nutcracker and Swan Lake are classics, but there are plenty of others that could be playing by you! In my city there is a rendition of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Don’t just look for professional production either! Colleges and high schools both have events worth seeing


  • Interesting Free festivals: My city has one called Manor House that tons of volunteers to transform a large manor into a winter wonderland. Family friendly activities and lots of festivities to see.  Check with local historical societies, they usually have something during the holidays.

Most cities will have a calendar posting of all events happening that you can look up. You can narrow it down to free ones, or spend a bit for some quality time. You could even give a ticket to an event as a gift!

Olay Fresh Effects ‘Bead Me Up’ Exfoliate Review 

Blogmas Day 7

So this doesn’t have anything directly to do with Christmas, but with all the gift giving and people just trying to look their best I thought a quick review would be good.

Exfoliating/Cleansing: This product is very gentle. I mean very gentle. it doesn’t really do anything in terms of exfoliating, but it is a good cleanser. I use it daily with no irritation and it gets the job done.

Scent:The product smells really subtle and not offensive. Nothing lingers on the skin after use.

Environment: This product contains microbeads, so Olay will have to phase it out soon since microbeads have been banned in the US. 

Overall: This price for this item is too much just for a decent cleanser

that will soon go out due to environmental concerns. Check out something else instead! You can even make your own with just equal parts sugar and baby oil.  

The Christmas Tag

Tags are a super easy to let people know some fun facts about yourself and to connect with some other bloggers! This is the tag I have seen around and I wanted to join in!

1. What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

Jim Carrey’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas I’m not sure why this particular one has stuck with me, but it is easily my favorite.

2.  Have you ever had a white Christmas?

Quite a few. I have always lived somewhere in the Midwest US and snow here is fairly common. (more…)

My Christmas Tree!

Blogmas Day 5

This is the first year I have gotten an official Christmas Tree! It is a Holiday Time Brookfield Fir Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear Lights and I am so excited to have it!

One of the coolest features is that it spins, which makes it look so much more magical. My favorite thing, however, is that it has three different types of branches so it looks amazing.

We aren’t putting a lot of ornaments or decor on the tree this year due to storage issues, but the minimalistic approach looks really cool too! We ended up using an extra bed sheet for the tree skirt. (more…)